Action through Analytics


Action. Analytics.


StarEightyTwo was founded in 2017 by four Twin Cities analytics community leaders, with a mission to help individuals learn analytics while creating positive change for nonprofits, businesses, and the public sector.

Outside of the co-founders' many collective years consulting with organizations professionally far and wide, the leaders of StarEightyTwo have several years' experience partnering with well-known local nonprofits and businesses to solve problems through data competitions.



Yep, *82. All of our projects have one unifying goal: to unblock information. We believe in making hidden knowledge available for decision-makers – individual, public, private, or otherwise.


Board of Directors


Kevin Church

A chemical engineer by training and applied statistician by vocation, Kevin has over 20 years' experience in the practical application of statistical thinking and the scientific approach to improve business performance.




Daniel Feldman

Daniel is a senior software engineer developing new storage products at Veritas Technologies, with years of experience building industrial-strength software in demanding, competitive environments. A proud Computer Science PhD program dropout, Daniel is a published cryptography researcher, a hobbyist hardware hacker, and a frequent speaker at regional tech meetups and conferences.




Jake Mason

Jake is a data scientist focused specifically on predictive modeling and text mining. He currently develops machine learning solutions related to application performance and stability at Optum.

When not knee-deep in server logs, Jake enjoys helping develop the Twin Cities data science community by organizing data science competitions, workshops, and knowledge-sharing.




Mitchell Noordyke

Mitchell is a rising third-year law student at the University of Minnesota Law School, where he is passionate about the intersection of data and law. He focuses his studies on intellectual property, data privacy, and business law – seeing congruence in the future.