Action through Analytics

What we do

Unblock insight for all kinds of organizations.

Specifically, though, we do:


monthly meetup

The primary StarEightyTwo event is a monthly meetup. In general, meetups will have a guest speaker on analytics topics, and work time for individuals to participate in competitions. Meetups will be skipped occasionally due to holidays and other time constraints. The meetup will always be free, but donations will be accepted.


StarEightyTwo will occasionally work in collaboration with other meetup groups.


StarEightyTwo will hold informal, low-stakes data science/analytics competitions. The data sources for these competitions will be either proprietary data from local nonprofits or businesses, or from public sources. The competitions will have a clearly-defined analytics objective. Members will work together to create a solution, and be recognized if they produce the best answer.


Officers and members of StarEightyTwo will occasionally attend and present at local conferences.

data-driven journalism

StarEightyTwo will use a combination of data-based journalism and predictive analytics to investigate questions or areas of interest chosen by our members.

training and workshops

Occasionally, we will run training classes and educational workshops related to all things analytics.